Patruni Sastry (Performer,Business Analyst)

Patruni Chidananda sastry is a classical dancer, customer service expert and an entrepreneur. He has been a part of many renowned dance festivals like that of GoldenBeach and kalpashree.He has used his skill to bring in visualization to complex numerical and conceptual subjects and processed a new way to represent data.Working as an Analyst in Deloitte Hyderabad, makes him relate business with dance.He is a Classical dancer who loves to perform in boardrooms and business meetings, which allows his perspective as an artist to remain contemporary yet traditional .

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NEELIMA TIRUMALASETTI (Film producer,Entrepreneur)

She is one of the leading producers in the Telugu Film Industry. She has produced the well know Pawan Kalyan’s film called ‘Panjaa’ and ‘Alias Janaki’ which received the prestigious State Nandi awards – for Best Director and the coveted Best Film in National Integration category.

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Rajeev (Musician,Singer)

Rajeev is the front man of the band called Take 5, which belongs to Hyderabad.He specializes in guitar and vocals.The band consists of other members, who are -3m (Cajon ), Bobby (Keyboards), Sunny Joel (Drum). He is a seldom personality to find among the youth who has followed passion with utmost dedication and by virtue is a well known musician and his band Take5 resonates quite often around the city with its enthralling performances.

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SANDEEP MEHTO (Social Entrepreneur)

Sandeep is among the most inspiring young social entrepreneur of India. He has represented India and the cause of youth leadership at various international platforms like G.S.V.C and DBS-NUS Singapore. He is providing SoCHE with expertise in community engagement across social upliftment projects. He has also the founder director of “Bharat Calling” initiative in Itarsi (MP) and the co-founder and director of “Vikalp”- helping people to make informed career choices.

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Roshini Kumar

She might be all of 22, but Roshini Kumar’s innate love for life can inspire anyone to believe that life is worth fighting for. The spunky young girl was diagnosed with cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma) at 14, but she wasn’t one to take this as a let down. A freelance fashion photographer, Roshini loves capturing the beautiful facets of the fashion world from behind the lens. “I always had the passion for photography and used to click pictures of anything and everything I found interesting with my camera phone" she says when she was asked what was her inspiration.A Cancer victim who now is a really successful fashion photographer also promotes body positivity.

Nikhil Chandwani

Nikhil Chandwani started his journey in the literary world with poems. He started his journey as a poet when he was five years old. However, it was the popularity of his international best selling novel 'I wrote your name in the sky and yours and yours too' that prodded him to unleash his creative potential to the fullest. He was shortlisted for the UK writers forum award for his critically acclaimed book of poems titled 'unsung words' and a poetic novel, 'Inked with love'. He is a vivid traveller and also working as a director for a travel documentary.

Manna Mandlekar

Manna Mandlekar stands apart for being the first girl in her village to learn judo. The skills have given her the confidence to pursue a Master’s degree in a village where girls drop out in Class 8 because it’s unsafe to travel to school in the next village. “I saw girls learning judo in a class across from my school six years ago and got curious. I learnt the classes were free, so went to sir and asked him if I could learn too and he said yes,” says Mandlekar. “It gave me confidence and helped convince my parents that I could look after myself and travel alone.”

Sidharth Reddy Gauni(Entrepreneur)

Living the spirit of an entrepreneur, being a founder and holding other important positions at several reputed companies, Sidharth has worked as an RJ at 93.5 RED FM Hyderabad studio and has even took part in youth segment.

He has also been an independent Director in the Board at the "Wockhardt Group" overseeing Foundation projects and is now currently a managing partner, a business partner, a research head at various famed organizations.

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Nitesh Yadav

He has not only breeze past challenges but also made it to the level he wanted to and attained accolades at an age where many procrastinate and just dream to pursue. He is one of those rare personalities who find a way out of anywhere. It’s amazing how a little self-belief and determination can go a long, long way. Nitesh Yadav, a 15 year old boy who comes from a village where nobody had ever seen smart phones has now established his own software development company by the name of Techsicon.

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Girish kulkarni (Founder(Snehalaya), Journalist)

Girish is a trained journalist and professor with S.P Pune University. He is a pioneer for social change, a visionary and an inspirational leader. Girish holds a doctorate in Political Science and Public Management, as well as two masters in Politics and Sociology, and he was bestowed the President of India Award 2012 for his service to his country in the field of Social Work. He’s the Founder of Snehalaya, it is a non-profit, charitable, philanthropic social service organization founded in 1989 with the objective of providing free professional health care facility and rehabilitation opportunities to the most neglected and exploited class of our society e.g. women victims of sexual exploitation & human trafficking.

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